Business Consulting Services

Strategic consulting is one of our key skills to set-up our customers businesses, to advise them in all relevant business aspects and to establish long-term relationships.


Creating a business plan including a profit and loss statement is an important tool before you start your company or bigger projects. A profound calculation with a forecast will give you the planning safety to run your projects and campaigns.

In addition to the financial aspect we f.i. consult our clients regarding aspects like legal, taxation optimization, human resources, company structuring and organization of work, as well as strategic planning and marketing.

With all those fields combined we can generate a personalized and well-matched plan for you.

Project Management

With our accredited knowledge in project management (PRINCE2 certification) we are going to plan, execute and manage large projects so that you won`t miss any deadline or have a lack of needed workforce.

With a transparent project plan you will always be able to monitor the project progress, the achievement of milestones and the effective costs generated. Therefore, you will be able to lean back and let us handle all the tasks for you to fulfill the common project goal.

Start-up Consulting

Do you have a good idea to start your own business?

Let us at Nine Elephants Marketing & Business Consulting help you to make your dreams come true!

With our experience in start-up consulting in various industries we can give you specific advice regarding the creation of business plans, setting-up and structuring a new company, financial management and billing, legal and taxation consulting, human resources, project management and first steps to promote your own business.

Stratetic Planning

Where do I want to be in one year, in five years or in twenty? Let the Nine Elephants help you to answer this question.

In setting up an efficient strategic plan for your business development we can generate a masterplan for your future. This can include business growth, internationalization, diversification, company structuring, human resources & recruitment and much more.

Get ready for your prosperous future!

Market Research

Which is your gap in the market, who are your competitors and which potential business growth can you expect in a certain market? The Nine Elephants can analyze all these aspects for you.

All our work is based on data-driven aspects and the evaluation of business intelligence and attribution models. We want to ensure that all your steps and budgets spent are going to reach your target group and potential clients in a very efficient way.

Working with major market researching institutions to collect, analyze and use all relevant data for your business we can ensure to generate all information about your business potential, growth and development.

Financial Management

A solid and transparent financial & billing provider management and planning is essential for every successful business.

Forecasting, a profit and loss statement, financial HR planning about employees, costs for taxation and governmental aspects, costs for an office and equipment and much more are a key task in the financial planning. Let the Nine Elephants help you with all of that!

We can provide accounting services, advising on business investments like revenue-share or media-for-equity models, funding options and finding investors or business angels for you.

Service Management

No time to deal with all kind of daily or weekly services? No problem, The Nine Elephants Marketing & Business Consulting Services can do that for you.

New maid, chef, gardener, security, nanny or property management needed?

Let us handle those things for you and enjoy your new free time.

Hand in hand, let`s start immediately together!

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