Marketing Services

We plan, create, forecast and execute 360° cross-channel marketing campaigns that are perfectly fitted to your needs.


To reach our customers goals we use various channels like display, mobile, television or social media marketing, depending on your business model, audience and target.

By using data-driven aspects, attribution models and business intelligence we ensure the best results and a continuous optimization for you. Our team at Nine Elephants Marketing & Business Consulting is looking forward to working with you to create successful projects together.

Media Consulting / Planning

How should you spend your marketing budget? We can answer that question for you! By doing a market research, competitor analysis and evaluation of your current media spending we will put together a new and efficient cross-channel media plan for you.

With the right marketing tools and media channels - online and offline - we can reach your target group in the best way to achieve your goals like brand building, getting new customers or increasing your sales.

Performance Marketing

We can set-up, run, monitor and optimize your performance marketing campaigns. Looking back on more than 16 years of well-established partnerships with publishers and affiliate networks we can run your campaign on various channels, f.i. email, display, mobile, social media, content, couponing or cashback.

As we run the campaigns based on a CPO (Cost per Order) or CPL (Cost Per Lead) we can minimize your financial risk as you only pay for validated sales to drive the revenue in your eCommerce shop and validated leads to increase your customer reach.

Social Media

You would like to publish content on your own social media channels or using such channels to do advertising for your website or product? We are going to help you with that! Full management and content creation for channels like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram or Twitter.

Contact us to set up a campaign that will drive high attention to your website to generate more sales or new customers. Furthermore, we can set up your own channels to drive brand awareness and customer bonding.

Web Design / Programming

At Nine Elephants we can create user-friendly and search engine optimized websites for you. A clear customer journey and usability is important to improve the conversion rate to either generate new leads, increase the sales in your eCommerce shop or to improve the brand awareness.

Our expertise in understanding user experience enables us to build fun, interactive and engaging websites and advertising material that generate high traffic for your web projects. Our experienced team of web designers and developers can provide you with state-of-the-art responsive solutions for desktop, tablet and mobile users, all tailored to fit your business needs.

Search Engine Marketing

To be seen is the key for success and therefore we are going to ensure that your website is tuned for optimum search engine visibility. We will start with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as soon as we are setting up a project to ensure that all content is optimized besides the user experience also to search engine algorithms.

Combined with a continuously optimized Search Engine Advertising (SEA) we ensure that the best and most profitable key words – especially on Google – are booked for your product and campaign.

Advertising material

Do you need new ads for various media like flyers, newspaper ads, billboards, display and mobile banners, social media ads or motion picture clips?

Our designers at Nine Elephants Marketing & Business Consulting are looking forward to thrilling you with their ideas and designs.

Contact Us

Whether you just want to say hello or have us take a look at your project, just drop us a line and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.